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"Professionalism is not just a word - it's a way of life"

Charles Chan
Managing Director



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 Solutions for the conscious use of Green Energy

                       Non-electric Air Conditioning is the future



Broad Air Conditioning, the worlds largest manufacturer of absorption chiller heaters, is a privately owned Chinese company established in 1988 and its manufacturing base is in Changsha, China.

All BROAD products and technologies are self-developed. Main products are:

1.  Non-electric chillers: more than 300 models over 10,000 combinations.

Energy sources: natural gas, biogas, town gas, diesel fuel, steam, hot water, exhaust, waste heat from generators and industrial waste streams, solar energy        

Functions: cooling, heating, hot water cooling/heating

Capacity: Large-sized chillers:150kW~23,260kW    Small-sized chillers:7HP~50HP

2.  Indoor units (FCUs): 100 varieties and 400 installation modes +.

3.  Modularized central air conditioning machine room accessories (water pumps, cooling towers, piping instruments, etc)

4.  Energy saving control systems and energy measuring devices.

The Company is ISO9001 certified by TUV of Germany, ISO 14001 of Swiss SGS, also has received UL listing and CE marks to comply with safety requirements in the European and American Standard [more about Broad products' certifications].  Broad currently has over 10,000 units in the field and sells over 500,000 refrigeration tons per year. Broad is pioneering a new breakthrough, combining newly developed, highly efficiency solar technology with Broads industry leading gas fired absorption chillers for a combined solution which promises to almost eliminate the need for fossil fuel in air conditioning systems. [more about Broad products are offering]


                                                                ---------- BROAD  Mission

Global Quality Solutions is the official distributor of Broad Air Conditioning in UK, representing their complete product line of exhaust fired and traditional absorption chillers, pumps, cooling towers, controls and complete factory assembled machine rooms, etc…


Broad Packaged Chillers

  Broad Indoor Units

Broad Micro Gas Air Con

  Broad Direct-fired Chiller

Broad Vacuum Boiler

  Broad District Cooling & Heating
  Broad Thermal Energy Storage(TES) System   Broad Products Case Study

BROAD X Absorption Chiller Model Selection Design Manual

If you hope to know more about BROAD products, please do not hesitate to contact us through our contact page or by email at info@gqsltd.co.uk.


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